Family Law - Child Protection and Marriage Contracts


Our practice in this area is born out of our belief that no one is a perfect Parent because each child is different and so raising each child could present differing challenges which could be daunting for parents. We also believe that given the right circumstances, the best interest of a child is to grow up with their own family. We all make mistakes because we are not perfect; and so your child has been apprehended. We believe that everyone should be given another chance at doing parenting right. “Tomorrow” is life’s second, third, chance at doing things better .This is why you should give us a call so we can help you work with The Children’s Aid Society to work out the best way for you to get your child back and another shot at parenting your particular child ”tomorrow”.



An unmarried couple could decide to go into a Cohabitation Agreement before they start living together or after they are already living together. This means that the agreement can be signed before or after they start living together. The cohabitation agreement can be stated to become a marriage contract if the couple eventually decide to get married. Signing such an agreement does not necessarily mean that you are expecting that the relationship will fail or not last till death but that you want to agree on how financial aspects of the relationship should be dealt with. This way there is no friction or misunderstanding when these issues arise.



Marriage contracts can be entered into prior to or after marriage but in any case before there is a breakdown of the marriage. They can deal with all financial aspects of the relationship, ownership in or division of property, support obligations, the right to direct the education and moral training of children but not the right to custody. A marriage contract cannot limit a spouse’s right to possession of the matrimonial home.

At Beatissima Law Firm, because we would like your relationship to last as long as you want (hopefully till death), we will protect your interests by helping you draft a proper contract or help you understand the contract that your partner wants you to sign. Call 289 837 1191 today.