Immigration Law

Moving from one country to another has never been easy and definitely comes with unknown challenges. I know because I’ve been there, so I can help make the transition a little less painful.

Are you an Accountant, Agricultural Scientist, Artisan, Athlete, Audiologist and Speech Pathologist, Auditor, Author, Broadcaster, Broadcast technician, Broker, Banker, Choreographer, Civil Engineer, Coach, Computer Programmer and Engineer, Construction Estimator and Manager, Database Analyst, Dietitian and Nutritionist, Doctor, Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Film and Video Camera Operator, Financial Auditor, Geoscientist, Graphic Designer, Home Builder and Renovator, HR Personnel, Insurance Operative, Investment Analyst, Investment Dealer, Lecturer, Librarian, Manager, Medical Radiation Technologist and Sonographer, Music Composer, Musician, Oceanographer, Petroleum Engineer, Photographer, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Public Health and Environmental Inspector, Publication Marketing and Advertising Relation, Purchaser, Quantity Surveyor, Real Estate Agent, Registered and Specialist Nurse, Singer, Software Engineer, etc. etc.?

You could also qualify as an Investor or Entrepreneur.

I may not be the Immigration Minister to put a stamp or seal of approval on your immigration papers, but I can help you identify under what category you qualify to apply to migrate to Canada and walk you through the entire process.

Give me a call today and we can start the process.