Real Estate Law

To say that buying or selling Real Estate is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life has almost become cliché. The same could also be said about the fact that you want to buy or sell a home not a law suit. This is where we come in to ensure that your transaction not only goes smoothly but that you have peace of mind thereafter. At Beatissima Law Office, we attend to all the details of your Purchase, Sale, Transfer of Title and Mortgage Re- financing.
As a buyer, Beatissima law firm will protect your interests by:

  • Explaining the terms of your purchase agreement
  • Protecting you from liabilities connected to your new home
  • Reviewing documents that relate to your title  or mortgage
  • Registering your real estate documents, and
  • Attend to your closing.

If you are a seller, Beatissima law firm will:

  • Ensure that your interests are protected in the purchase and sale agreement
  • Attend to any issues that may arise with your title
  • Assist you as you negotiate with the buyer and
  • See you through your closing.