There is a story of two people who were friends from high school and remained friends until their late 30’s when work and family life caused them to separate.  One of them Jane, had a very successful career and made a lot of money and acquired all kinds of property around the World. The other John did well enough to keep a family comfortable and well cared for. Coincidentally or otherwise, they both died on the same day at age 45 and 44 respectively. The story has it that they both went to Heaven and were told that they each had one chance to see their loved ones. Excitedly John wanted to, and got to go first. As John looked down at his loved ones, he cried out loud!

“This cannot be my loved ones, no, it’s not them. My family is very loving and caring of each other and would never use this kind of language on anybody, let alone each other and besides, I did not have very much for them to fight over”. The Angel then showed him other things that made him convinced that this was indeed his Family. John then broke down in tears and deep sorrow of heart. 
“Jane are you sure you want to see yours, seeing that you had a lot of property”, the angel asked?
“O Yes, I’m cool, I got this”, she answered even with an attitude.
“How can you be so sure, with all that property you had and from what you have seen of my family”? John asked.
“Just give it to me” said Jane to the angel with a smile. The puzzled angel complied and ------- (suspense music). Jane’s smile grew wider and wider until it became laughter. Her family and friends were all at a Tea party, laughing and reminiscing about her life. They looked so happy that she asked the angel if she could go be with them. It was almost as if they were happy she had died!
The puzzled angel and John asked, “how did you do it, and with so much that you left behind?”
“Easy, I went to a Lawyer (I’m tempted to say me) and drew up a Will (and Power of Attorney)”. At this point John started wailing and begging the angel to let him go back and see Jane’s Lawyer (hopefully not me; I cannot help ghosts!).
So which would you rather be?!

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Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows you appoint another person, called an attorney, to make legal and personal decisions on your behalf when you are not able to do so or are unavailable. Ontario, recognizes two different powers of attorney, one to deal with financial and legal issues (called a continuing power of attorney for property), and the other to deal with personal and health care issues (called a power of attorney for personal care).


These documents are important and essential, if for some reason (for example accident or sudden incapacitating illness) you become incompetent to manage your own financial and legal affairs affairs, or if you are unable to   communicate your wishes to your health care providers. If you have not already appointed an Attorney, your loved ones would need to apply to court to be appointed to deal with your affairs, whether financial and legal or personal care. This would cost your loved ones more time and money than I would.

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